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It was the most amazing life healing experience. Trudie and Mervyn are so full of love, wisdom and light. This has been a course of self-growth and self understanding. I loved it. Everyone should experience this. They are the most loving and kind people that I have ever met. Their knowledge on the subject is superb and they are able to answer all questions with confidence. They are patient and their methods of teaching are excellent with an even balance between theory and practical. The environment that they create is one of safety and non-judgment. I felt wonderfully comfortable and safe at all times. This is a wonderful course that met all my expectations. The course is comfortably paced so that all concepts can be grasped and understood with enough time for questions. I enjoyed the practical sessions. I feel that it was such an important learning experience to see and ‘experience’ the practicals.
Colette Delezenne.

They have a deep passion for the subject and a huge amount of love and respect for each student. They know the subject matter well, can express themselves clearly & teach with excellent practical examples. I felt welcome and was encouraged to ask questions. Enjoyed the course very much.
Trudie is wonderful to learn from. We should all aspire to her loving, caring and supportive ways. Love to see how Trudie works! She is such a gentle and caring person. She teaches in such a loving way – you really love what you do & love working with all your students.
Peta-Lee Wainer

Wow! Amazing … Extremely knowledgeable! An inspiration to me; Role Models!
I am grateful and proud to be affiliated, to have undergone and attended this intensive but enlightened course. The course has been well-planned and structured with wonderful insight to be able to impart the knowledge to us as students.
Starajean Artman

The more I get to know my trainers, the more respect I have for them as individuals, and for their knowledge and skills as Hypnotherapists and Trainers. Their knowledge is deep and thorough, and nothing is too big or too complicated for them to handle. Fantastic people to have as mentors and teachers. The course is professional, complete and very interesting. I can not imagine that there is much more to learn about the practice & principles of Hypnotherapy. I am proud to be associated with the IMDHA & I think it will support me well in the future.
NMP/Dr. Brian Greenblatt.

Mervyn and Trudie have a true passion for the subjects that they train on. They are Masters in their individual fields and bring their experience to the table to teach and coach their students to life their best lives and to assist their clients in doing the same. Thank you for sharing your life experience with us! The course gives me as a Therapist all the tools and possible answers to use to help my clients and to make my Practice a huge success! Thank you for sharing.
Marina Taute - Dubai

As good as it could get. This course was enlightening and necessary for self-healing and inner peace. The course was presented well and adequate. I could open up as they were good teachers and I trusted them with all my integrity. It was never and issue if they had to repeat statements over and over. They understood all the students as they are in touch with our emotions and feelings. This course was a life saver for me.
Dorothy J van Vuuren.

Very professional, empathetic and knowledgeable. Eager to share their knowledge on a variety of problems and topics. Kindness & love seems to flow from them everywhere. The course is very useful to people who would like to help other people through Hypnosis. Very professionally delivered. Great course for people who would like to become more “spiritual” & in touch with their past. Course should be slightly longer as there is just so much information to be processed!
Malindy Rosen

They are highly qualified, experienced; it is as if they are put on this earth to do this work. Never too tired to talk or discuss any problem. So dedicated! Excellent!.Words cannot tell you how much. Thank you.
Este Ezekiel

Very good – they know what they do and they are well trained. Could answer all our questions and let us into the world of Hypnosis. The course is life changing and you are a different person from the first day. Life is making sense to me now and I can grow and change to become what I want!
Otto Botes

They are highly qualified people. Have integrity and are just great people. Course is highly recommendable. The study material is very good.
Annette Naude.

Well informed and experienced trainers. Lots of practical, demonstration – broad based teaching. The manuals not only give information but are good reference for future use. Suggested reading material gives further knowledge from many perspectives.
Linda Clarke.

Made me more aware of my past & patterns that now need to be amended to continue the rest of my journey. Highly skilled trainers who apply the methodology with great compassion and love. Excellent planned process of taking a lay person from theory to real practical level.
Suraya Manack

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